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Helping you become a better writer.

Join Shawn Coyne, author of Story Grid and a top editor for 25+ years, and Tim Grahl, struggling writer, as they discuss the ins and outs of what makes a story great.

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    Hero's Journey Archetypes - Part 1

    The sprint is on to finish The Threshing. This week Shawn and Tim begin working through the Archetypes of the Hero's Journey.

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    Why Story Grid Is Different

    This week Shawn sits down with Story Grid Editor, Valerie Francis, to discuss why (and how) the Story Grid method is different from other structural and developmental editing methods.

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    A New Tool to Fight Resistance

    Steven Pressfield and Black Irish Publishing have released a new project around writers and Resistance. Shawn and Tim discuss both what the project is and the bigger ramifications for the world of publishing.

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    Categorizing Scenes

    Your novel is done, now what? Shawn walks Tim through a new level of analysis for his work in progress.

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    How to Spreadsheet Your Novel

    The spreadsheet is a central tool of Story Grid. Shawn walks Tim through how to use it and answers some of his questions.

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    The Job of an Editor

    Story Grid grew out of the need for better editing. Shawn and Tim discuss the origins and the job of an editor.

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    Why all the suffering?

    We all can agree that writing is hard. Learning to level up your writing is even harder. So why all the suffering? Why not just publish a draft that's "good enough"? This is what Shawn and Tim dive into on this week's episode.

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    World Building 101

    What are the building blocks for a believable, fantastical world in your story? Shawn walks through this and hits upon a fundamental reason why Tim's characters have not been working.

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    Creating Believable Characters

    How do you create the right cast of characters for your story and make them believable? Shawn walks Tim through a framework to do this correctly.

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