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Helping you become a better writer.

Join Shawn Coyne, author of Story Grid and a top editor for 25+ years, and Tim Grahl, struggling writer, as they discuss the ins and outs of what makes a story great.

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    The Craft of Non-fiction

    Shawn uses the second draft of Tim's introduction to focus in on the craft of writing great non-fiction. You can read Tim's new introduction and notes at

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    Non-fiction Conventions and Obligatory Scenes

    Non-fiction has specific genres, conventions, and obligatory scenes just like fiction, but they are, of course, a little different. Shawn and Tim delve into what it takes to write a great non-fiction book. See more at

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    Editing Non-Fiction

    Now that Tim has finished the first draft of his non-fiction book, Shawn starts working with him through editing.

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    Planning the 2nd Draft

    After a couple months working through the Story Grid tools on Tim's first draft, he's ready to start writing the 2nd draft. Show notes at

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    Creating a Story Grid - Part 2

    Tim and Shawn continuing building out the Story Grid Graph to evaluate the first draft. See Tim's Story Grid Spreadsheet at

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    Creating a Story Grid - Part 1

    The next step in editing Tim's first draft is to create a Story Grid Graph. See Tim's Story Grid Spreadsheet at

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    The Hero's Journey - Moments

    Shawn and Tim continue discussing the Hero's Journey as a tool to evaluate the first draft. Links and info at

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    The Hero's Journey - Archetypes

    Shawn and Tim dive into the Hero's Journey as a tool to evaluate the first draft. Links and info at

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    Part 2 - The Foolscap Story Grid

    Move from the micro to the macro with your first draft. The Foolscap Story Grid will help you put your entire novel onto a single page.

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    The Foolscap Story Grid

    After you've gone scene-by-scene through your first draft, it's good to step back and take the macro view of your novel.

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