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Helping you become a better writer.

Join Shawn Coyne, author of Story Grid and a top editor for 25+ years, and Tim Grahl, struggling writer, as they discuss the ins and outs of what makes a story great.

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    Running Down a Dream

    Tim's new book Running Down a Dream is coming out next week and he discusses with Shawn what is has been like to write the book.

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    Getting the Value Shifts Right

    A huge part that makes a scene work is the value shifts. They have to work in the scene, the global genre, the internal genre, etc. Shawn walks Tim through how to think about this with his Turning Point Scene of the Middle Build. See Tim's scene at

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    Fixing the Most Important Scene

    Shawn walks Tim through the problems with his turning point of the middle build scene (and how to fix them).

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    Deep Dive Into Tim's 15 Scenes (Part 2)

    Shawn and Tim continue work through the 15 most important scenes of The Threshing. Shawn also dives into what is really driving this, and all, stories. More at

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    Special Guest: Courtney Harrell

    Courtney is a Story Grid Certified Editor and is stuck on her book! She reached out to Shawn for help so they jumped on the phone to go over her book and how she can make progress.

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    15 Most Important Scenes

    Shawn walks Tim through the 15 most important scenes he has to figure out for his novel.

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    Restarting an Old Project

    Tim is struggling with stepping back into his fiction book now that he's taken a few months off to finish his non-fiction book. Shawn walks him through how to do it. Plus, a special announcement! See more at

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    What Does Shawn Think? - Part 2

    Now that Shawn has gone through the manuscript of Tim's book, what does he think? What's his feedback? What should he do next?

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    What does Shawn think?

    Now that Shawn has read Tim's manuscript, he's handing down the verdict. Is it ready for primetime?

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